We are specialized in providing all types of loan to customers both locally and Internationally. Our loan ranges from £15,000 GBP to £500,000,000 GBP and offered as either Secured or Unsecured Loan. Here at EXECS LENDING FIRM, we gives out the following types of loans in both secure and unsecured way to only serious, reliable and trustworthy customers.

Personal Loans
Business Loans
Home Loans
Car loans / Auto Loans
Student Loans
Bill consolidations
Second Mortgage
Commercial Loans Etc..

Our charities: We also believe in giving a bit back. Our charities range from the local to the international - from small ways we can make a difference to large life-changing projects costing many thousands of pounds. 

EXECS LENDING FIRM  is committed to treating customers fairly and the management and staff will endeavour to meet or exceed all the requirements laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority.

EXECS LENDING FIRM is the largest and most successful union in the UK.  We offer loans, savings and mortgages – and our services are exclusively available to anyone in need locally or internationally. Both for business and personal purpose/ 

Although the products we offer are similar to those you’d find at a bank, our ethos is very different.  We’re a financial mutual, which means that we’re owned by our members. 

As well as being a financial mutual, we’re also a social enterprise – so our over-arching ethos is to improve our community through financial empowerment and education.   We’re committed to working with local organisations and employers to increase financial awareness in the wider community.

Our members are our shareholders – and when EXECS LENDING FIRM is successful – we share this success with them in the form of an annual dividend paid on savings, or an interest rebate on loan and mortgage interest, or both!  We’re pleased to say that we’ve paid a dividend to members every year since we were established in 2009 – which tells you a little about how successful we’ve been over the years.



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